The Power of Social Media for The Insurance, Financial, & Retail Banking Industries

Never before has social media presented such a wide range of opportunities in the insurance, financial, and retail banking markets to attract desirable consumers and achieve ongoing business initiatives.

With the right mix of content, improved targeting, enhanced advertising, compliance support, developments in ROI tracking and more, social media has the potential to play a meaningful role in your insurance company’s or financial institution’s marketing plan.

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Insurance and financial marketers are turning to social media to expand their reach and build loyalty by creating industry relevant content that includes blogs, white papers, articles, case studies, etc., and distributing them strategically though their social media channels and company websites.

And every social media channel is experiencing growth in 2016:

  • LinkedIn 94%
  • Twitter 87%
  • Facebook 84%


The Social Web is Not Linear

Social Media MarketingInformation and interactions happen across the social web in every direction. In the social media marketing book, Become a Marketing Superstar, social media is described as an annuity, suggesting that marketers should be looking at content marketing distributed via social media as an asset and not an expense.

However, unlike a financial annuity, social media’s annuity isn’t fixed. Instead, it’s compounding. Each marketing effort builds upon the other for results that keep delivering time and time again. For example, adopting the tactic of consistently publishing blog content over time, can serve as an annuity to drive progressively larger results month after month.


Ready to Get Started?

Social media is a marketing tool that integrates with existing marketing strategies to help you work smarter, not harder. When the processes are in place to consistently deliver strong, relevant content, social media marketing can actually reduce marketing expense, increase lead volume, and drive customer loyalty while reducing attrition.

Don’t think you have the time to put in motion a strategic, social media program? Then outsource it! I can help you put together a turn-key, content driven social media calendar that’ll drive customers to your door while you sleep. I can help with everything from blogs, ghost written editorials, to Twitters and LinkedIn groups –all without hiring additional staff or going over budget.