Content Marketing in Retail Banking Industry

retail-banking-copywritingIn the world of retail banking, the competition is fierce and value propositions are complex. For this reason, every interaction with prospects should be looked at as opportunity.

Today, consumers want more knowledge and insight from their financial institutions. They want your help and advice, and their expectations can be heavily influenced by what they are experiencing elsewhere. For this reason, you need to truly engage prospects and leverage each interaction you have with them.

So how do banks and credit unions engage consumers in such a highly competitive industry? The answer is with content.


[jbox vgradient=”#fb9904|#ffffff” shadow=”7″ jbox_css=”border:2px solid #9d9d9d;” title=”Direct Marketing In Retail Banking”] Financial service providers spend approximately $12 billion on direct marketing annually.

This includes channels such as internet display advertising, direct mail, and other methods aimed at prompting individuals to make an immediate purchase or generate a lead.[/jbox]

The Importance of Creating a Content Strategy

But creating content for content’s sake doesn’t work in an education intensive industry as banking, and strategic messaging must be part of that engagement.

This is why content strategies have become so critical. It distills what to say to whom, when to say it and how to say it most effectively. Whether it’s introducing new products and services to prospects or up-selling to existing customers, a content strategy process allows you to work through the challenge of aligning the points of view—from internal stakeholders to various consumer segments—within the context of each interaction point on the consumer journey.

At KMC, we help you to produce content that entices consumers into your institutions story—step by step. We lead your customers and prospects through a more personalized, relevant experience so at the right moment, they’ll find themselves motivated to invest time and effort in learning more about what you have to offer.

From email marketing to sales campaigns, product launches and sell-sheets, we’ll work with you to create a content marketing strategy that works.