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The capabilities I bring to my customers aren’t confined by geography or in-house limitations. Let my global network of specialized experts bring a world of creative perspective and proven industry experience directly to you. It’s this technology that provides the freedom to collaborate and interact wherever you may be.

So, how can we help you today?


Helping you to sell more.

• Case Studies 
Case studies are essentially product success stories, written in an editorial style similar to what you would find in a business or trade magazine. It’s a “customer meets product” story, and makes your company look like a knight in shining armor.

• Sell Sheets
A Sell sheet is a one page, powerful little sales tool similar to a brochure, but narrowly focused on a specific product. Got a new product or idea ? Consider a sell sheet!

• Testimonials
More businesses are discovering how powerful a strong testimonial can be. Use them in advertising, brochures, on your website and in case studies. There’s nothing more powerful than word of mouth!


Keeping customers for life.

• Newsletters
Newsletters can be in print or online. Customers that receive free newsletter communications about your products and services are more likely to keep coming back. Don’t be writing new business just to have it do a disappearing act later.

• Product Information
Product information comes in many different forms, including: User manuals, welcome letters, instructions, etc. The main objective is to explain all the details.

• Online Customer Communities
Keeping in touch with the online world of social media can be a time consuming task, but a necessary one. Good online communications include: forums, online support help from experts, informative articles, blogs, downloadable white papers and much more.


Give them something to talk about.

• White Papers
White papers are used extensively by business-to-business companies to enhance credibility, boost a sales presentation, get yourself known in a niche market, as well as a powerful and comprehensive handout at a trade show. White papers explain and educate and becoming one of the most powerful sales tools today in B2B marketing. Don’t be missing this boat to increase business opportunities, reduce attrition, and build brand loyalty.

• Content For Corporate Brochures
While a sales brochure helps to sell a specific product or service, a corporate brochure focuses on promoting the company itself-its history, management, capabilities, innovations, and ideals-in addition to its current lineup of products and services.


Getting the `Buzz’ out.

• Press & News Releases
Fast, easy online press releases.

• Articles
Articles written for publication and trade journals employ a high readership than most marketing pieces. It puts your company, product or service right in front of the prospect, in a more reader friendly format than let’s say a typical sales brochure, targeting your particular niche. If you’re not using articles to reach prospects, you’re missing out on potential sales opportunities.