Want to get found on the web? Begin by rolling up your sleeves.

The desire to get found on the web hasn’t changed—but the strategy has. What do I mean by that statement? I’ll sum it up in one word: reach. All B2B marketers want to keep the funnel full and drive more traffic to their website, increase e-mail opt-ins, and increase social media followers. What they need are actionable strategies on how they’re going to go about building reach with consistent methods. Add these six reach building methods to your marketing quiver and see what happens. Oh, and don’t forget to roll up your sleeves.


1. Keep opting in and following easy to do—Don’t keep people from taking the action you want them to take. Reduce the friction by making it easy for website visitors to follow you on social media and keep the conversion rates where you want them to be.

2. Ask for the connection—Don’t assume that your prospects know what you want them to do. Build strong reach on your website, blog, email, or whitepaper by making a clear call to action.

3. Add links—Rank higher in search results with inbound links and begin building referral traffic from other websites.

4. Make it into a story—It’s not about you, but your customers and the problems they hope you’ll be able to solve. Being able to tell an interesting story that addresses your prospect’s concerns is one of the best reach-building tools available. The Web allows publishing and interaction to happen easier with content-rich white papers, blogs, and case stories, allowing you to stand out from competitors.

5. Strong content—Get yourself some killer content and keep it going. The more content that you create, the higher the likelihood that your company will be found by prospects. It’s not enough to just get your company blog up, you have to keep it relevant, consistent, and conclude with a solid call to action.

6. Create a consistent plan—Create a media calendar that outlines your commitment to creating consistent content and stick to it. Be sure to look at Web analytics and CRM systems to measure your reach efforts.

Last thoughts: Don’t give up. The secret to building reach doesn’t happen in a day. Remember to keep the content great, frequent, and soon you’ll become a superstar brand journalist telling your own company’s story.