Professionals in the insurance industry are keenly aware that the topic of insurance doesn’t exactly get people excited. No one has a good party anecdote about buying insurance.

However, that’s no excuse to provide your client base with a dull, uninspiring business website. Here are a few ideas for sprucing up your online presence:

Flaunt your credentials. I’ve looked at a lot of insurance industry websites over the years, and I’ve noticed a disturbing trend – an excess of empty space. If there is a picture of a fluffy cloud or an oversized business logo dominating your home page, you’re doing something wrong. You don’t want your website to look like a blank slate with a bit of branding and a few drop-down menus thrown in for good measure. Don’t wait until you see virtual tumbleweeds blowing by in the background to fill that blank space with content. Use that empty space to display awards your business has received, as well as your credentials, certifications, or a bio that discusses your industry experience.

Outline all the services you offer. This seems so simple, and yet so many insurance websites fail to provide a comprehensive online guide to all the types of insurance they actually provide. There’s no need to be coy! People who need insurance rarely have an in-depth understanding of the insurance industry, so taking the time to outline all the many different types of coverages your business can provide them with (in laymen’s terms, of course) will be a big help to potential clients. Plus, when the time comes to interact with you, they’ll be more informed.

Update your existing clients about new offers and services. Update your existing clients about new offers and services. A well-timed email newsletter or blog post alerting your clients about how to avoid claims, inclement weather tips, or a blurb about your in-house community outreach program is a great way to invite new business, show your level of expertise, or just garner feelings of good will. No matter what, it’ll always be worth your time and investment.

In short, if your business website is lacking in pizzazz, it’s best to take a 3 pronged approach. First off, don’t play down your business accolades—push them to the front of your homepage! Provide a wealth of information about all the services you offer, using language a non-industry professional can understand. And of course, update your site regularly with both industry news and what you’re doing in the community. This lets potential new clients know that your business is active, engaged, and up to date on industry trends.