Is your sales and marketing team shouting for more content but you’re short on resources, ideas, and time?

Hire an insurance and financial copywriter who understands the industry you work in every day.

At KMC Communications:

  • We help you expand the capacity of your internal marketing departments
  • We provide the additional resources to move projects to completion

When it comes to hiring an insurance or financial copywriter,
experience really does matter.

I’m not just any insurance and financial copywriter. I’m a fully licensed P&C and L&H insurance agent. I understand your customers, products and services because I’ve made my living in these industries. Along with actuarial expertise, I’ve worked in areas such as claims, underwriting, investment and retirement planning.

What Makes Me Different?

Kathryn Messer

Kathryn Messer

As a former independent agency owner, certified financial planner and insurance broker, I bring over 25-years of insurance and financial industry experience to the table, earning my CIC, CPCU, CFP, and LUTCF designations along the way.

With a working knowledge of insurance & financial processes, regulatory complexities, marketing and sales experience–there’s no learning curve.

Certified SEO Copywriter

The only industry-endorsed online training that certifies copywriters in SEO copywriting best practices.

Insurance Copywriter

 Any good insurance copywriter can deliver basic communication services. What I offer is written copy that’s based on decades of in-depth experience in the insurance and financial industries.

Financial Copywriter

 One of the challenges facing the financial service industry is creating content that stands out in a media saturated world. I can help you create great copy that engages clients and prospects.

Helping you to sell more.

Keeping customers for life.

Give them something to talk about.

Getting the `Buzz’ out.

At KMC Communications we offer Financial Copywriting for:

  • Retail & Investment Banks/Credit Unions
  • Global Financial Marketing Firms
  • Financial Technology Companies
  • Brokerage & Investment Companies
  • Independent Financial Planners & Advisors
  • Corporate Finance Companies

Customer Testimonials

It’s not often that you come across a writer who truly knows the complexity of the insurance business.

As fully licensed property & casualty, life & health broker, Kathryn not only understands the products and services that my agency sells, but possesses the necessary skill set to write in-depth copy that could only come from having sold the exact products herself.

If you’re looking for a writer with a solid insurance background, she is definitely the person to partner with.

Emmi Ensign, CEO - President, Golden Benchmark Insurance Services, TerraShield Insurance Services
Kathryn has done an amazing job portraying the message and voice of our company. She is able to take the complicated topic of insurance and write in a simple, direct and even playful way – just what we were looking for. The ability to make insurance sound fun and lighthearted is not an easy feat! She is always on time and delivers exactly as promised. Her professional demeanor comes through in everything she does, and we are proud to have the opportunity to work with her.
Leslie Freeland, Marketing Communications Coordinator at Asurea

It has been a pleasure working together with Kathryn on several copywriting projects. She is a dedicated, eager, and forward thinking copywriter–proactive and excellent. Her industry experience, creativity, and deadline oriented approach makes her an invaluable resource to us. Working with her is a signature of success!

Lia Kumar, Creative Marketing Director, Insurance Administrative Solutions
As we note on our website, the Internet opens doors to new and unforeseen opportunities and it certainly did that for us when we found Kathryn Messer of KMC Communications.

Our search for an insurance industry technical copywriter took us to her door. Actually, it was her LinkedIn profile that drew us in because it promised exactly what we were looking for and more. Living up to a promise is a much more difficult course, yet Kathryn delivered – on time and in a highly professional manner.

Even though there are literally thousands of miles separating us, she quickly became a key member on our team and played a very critical role. In that she was at times the direct contact with members of the client team, we literally turned the keys over to her.

She performed superbly, the client liked working with her, and we were very happy with her work/product. Kathryn is a real pro who we now consider part of the GCAi family.

John J. Garvey, President – Garvey Communication Associates, Inc.
Kathryn Messer is an experienced and professional copywriter in the insurance and financial fields.

As my company built her website and did other work for her, it became obvious that she is on-time, detail-oriented and creative.

She knows the craft of writing and how to apply it so that her clients look their best. Kathryn has a keen marketing mindset and is an asset to her clients. She is able to provide outsourced services that save companies money and give them a level of service often not possible with their in-house staff.

I recommend her without hesitation.

Marlin Brownell, Owner – Foremost Marketing and Media
I work with a lot of insurance professionals and I want to commend Kathryn on her knowledge, attentiveness, and attitude.

She is a pleasure to do business with and I would have no problem recommending her for anyone needing an experienced and professional insurance expert.

Jeremy Reedal, Marketing & New Business Specialist – Indemnity Excess & Surplus Agency, Inc.
Kathryn follows through with commitments and is very attentive to details. She is capable and competent in management, and team leadership.

She is an effective communicator who represents our organization with power and grace.

Vivian Ang, Program Coordinator – Mid-Valley Literacy Center
Kathryn is a consummate professional. Her deep insight and knowledge about the insurance and financial services industries offer tremendous value to any organization needing thought leadership content.

Not only is Kathryn a talented writer who engages readers in a conversational, yet informative tone, but she has a wonderful personality and a passion to get the job done. Her versatility speaks well of her top notch writing ability.

Kathryn is a wonderful resource to any company she works with!

Amy Johannes Tierney, Senior Editor Digital Marketing Solutions – Epsilon
Simply put, Kathryn is 100% pure joy to work with.

She condensed a difficult, unruly topic into a beautifully written, fact-filled paper that we are proud to put on the streets. Edits were quickly acted upon and she was pro from start to end.

And she did on time and… wait for it.. wait for it… under budget!

She rocks. We will definitely work with her again.

Greg Fine, Principal at Ding Communications, Inc.
Kathryn is an outstanding writer and editor. She is a quick learner and able to turn complicated concepts into easy to read content.

She is a pleasure to work with and will make you want to work with her again and again.

I highly recommend her services.

Robert Kuller, Senior Vice President, Marketing – Fast Track RTW Services & Solutions
I hired Kathryn to write four insurance articles for my company.

She helped us define the topics and delivered an excellent end-product.

She clearly knows the industry and has a depth of product knowledge that made her an ideal partner for this project.

Kristine Quirk, Vice President – Union Bank

Kathryn Messer is an outstanding consultant to the financial services industry, particularly in crafting copy for an institution’s web site, or in developing marketing brochures for institution campaigns.

The value she brings to the project is her wide understanding of the industry, coupled with an ear for developing a message that communicates effectively to the member/customer.

Particularly valuable is the fact that Kathryn is highly versed on the various facets of regulation; and how each form of marketing-media needs to meet and exceed regulatory standards.

Finally, she communicates easily and directly. She inspires confidence and successfully follow’s through. She is a pleasure to work with!

In sum, I would recommend Kathryn for any project requiring the right balance between an institutional communicating a brand and message with in the bank, credit union or insurance industry, while remaining with in regulatory constraints for audit purposes.

John P Manely III, Account Executive - Digital Insight

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